On the go oatmeal
On-the-Go Oatmeal
August 30, 2017
smoothie on the go
Let’s Go Smoothie
August 30, 2017

Salad To Go!

salad on the go

Lemon Tahini Dressing:
½ cup Tahini
Juice of 1 – 2 lemons
1-2 Tbsp of water (to desired consistency)

Pour salad dressing into the mason jar, then layer your favorite salad ingredients with the sturdier ingredients on the bottom. For example, suggested from bottom to top:

Garbanzo beans/edamame
Chopped celery
Cherry tomatoes
Bell peppers
Chopped broccoli/broccolini
Chopped asparagus
Red onions or scallions
Cooked quinoa
Chopped avocado
Greens – Arugula/Swiss Chard/Romaine/Spinach
Nuts: sliced almonds, walnuts, pine nuts
Seeds: sesame seeds, sunflower seeds

When you’re ready, SHAKE it up and enjoy!

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