6 Great Reasons Why You Should Be Juicing!

1. Heal. Juicing allows your body to do what it was built to do, heal you. When we eat processed foods, fast foods, etc., our bodies are busy working hard just to clean that food out. When we juice, it gives our body a break and gives it the proper nutrients to be able to repair and heal what’s going on in our body.green glass

2. Alkalize. Because of all the processed food, sugar, and alcohol we consume, along with other not so great things, we can become very acidic. Great health happens when the body is neutral to slightly alkaline. The more acidic you are the more inflammation you have, the more risk you have for heart disease, arthritis, cancer and other chronic conditions associated with inflammation. For this one thing alone I say bring on the juice!

3. Eliminate chronic pains. Did you know there are certain chemicals that become crystallized in your body? I did not either! They often accumulate around joints and in muscle sheaths. This leads to problems like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Rather than remaining conditioned to take a pain-killer, we can clean out the toxins in our bodies and attain permanent, lasting benefits instead of a quick fix.

4. Energy. When you feed your body a boat load of nutrients, you actually get a major energy boost! Yes much better than a Red …… Giving you wings! So, this translates to a happier mood and more energy to prepare healthy meals instead of being so fatigued you default to fast food junk or the microwave. It also means you have more energy to exercise.

5. Detox. Even if you can just add one fresh fruit and veggie juice a day to your routine, you are helping your body detox from harmful chemicals from processed foods, meat, dairy and toxins in the air. If you can do a 3-5 day juice cleanse, even better! This gives your body the ability to fully focus on detoxing and healing your body!

6. Reverses Aging. This is awesome! Juicing fights wrinkles, aging of your organs, etc. It also helps you clear your skin from acne or rashes. True story here: I grew up on the So California beaches and as I have gotten older I had been getting sun spots (ok I will call them age spots on my hands) 3 months after juicing I noticed 1 day they were almost all gone! Now that I have been juicing over 3 years every morning, they are all gone it is fantastic! Click here if you are looking for a juicer, I have put a list together of some of our favorite juicers.

Here are 3 of my favorite juice recipes:

This is my #1 everyday go to juice
1 lg handful of spinach or kale or a little of each
1 bunch of celery
3 cucumbers
8 carrots
2 green apples
2 oranges
1/2 inch ginger (optional)

Easy Energy Juice
9 Carrots
1 lg handful of spinach or lettuce of your choice
1 lg handful of kale
1 lemon

Dracula’s Juice
1 beet
4 carrots
1 cup strawberries
6-8 kale leaves
3 cucumber

Juice all veggies and fruits together, sit down & enjoy the nourishment that is going into your body! Now that you know some of the benefits of juicing it’s time to try one out! Click here to come on over and join our juicing group and get some more great recipes and support!

See you in the juicing room!